Application of Ozone in Real Estate

If there is odor problem in your house property, it may cause the difficulty in its sales. This is a problem faced by both homeowners and house brokers. When you have your house for sale, it is certain that you don’t want the existence of any odor in it when the buyer or broker enters.

There are a number of solutions available for odor problem on the market. By comparison, ozone is definitely the best. Let’s take a look at how ozone can help you sell your house property.

Remove House Odor by Using an Ozone Generator

Any house that has been lived for a period of time carries a certain smell or a mixture of them. And when they move out, there will always be odors of human body, pets, mold and even dirty diapers. When displaying and renting the house to others, it is necessary to give it a sterilization and odor removal.

When it comes to smell removal, we may think of fragrance diffusers and air purifiers. They can be applied for odor removal. But they can only mask the odors for a while. They don’t get to the root of the problem. Other methods, such as wall painting and carpet cleaning, can also temporarily solve the problem. But the truth is that these odors will easily come back again. By then, you’ll know how stubborn pet urine smells, kitchen cooking smells, and cigarette smoke can be.

For the removal of odors in a house, cleaning will be the first step. If the house had been rented by a long-term smoker, then the walls would have been coated with an invisible odor film. An ozone generator can handle this kind of problem effectively. Ozone has a powerful odor removal effect and it is also a safe environmental oxidizer. Ozone molecules can change the structure of the target molecule by combining with and oxidizing the offending molecule, thus end the existence of multiple kinds of odors. This is superior to these odor masking methods. Even for odors that have been stubborn and repeatedly appear, an ozone generator can still fundamentally solve the problem.

Ozone is powerful in sterilization and odor removal because of its strong oxidation. Using an ozone generator can allow you to achieve the goal of odor removal in your house in a very short period of time. While with other methods, it may take hours.

Types of Odor Removable by an Ozone Generator

A list of the types of odors that can be removed by ozone is as follows:

  • Multiple types of smoke and fog (from smoking, kitchen fumes, charred meat, wood burning, and the burning of other materials).
  • Kitchen smell including the smell of the cooking smoke and curry.
  • Pet smells from dogs, cats, etc.
  • The smell left by drugs (including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opium, methamphetamine, etc.)
  • Odors caused by mold and mildew in a room.
  • The smells of urine and feces caused by pets.
  • Smell from newly painted furniture or a newly bought carpet.
  • The smell of rotting mice and the bodies of indoor pests.
  • The smell of various oils (diesel, petrol, hydraulic oil, etc.)

To get rid of the odor problem quickly, property managers often choose to use disinfectants and cleaners to achieve a so-called thorough cleaning. Many property managers will even simply put vinegar or lemon juice in the room in hopes of solving the problem. Although lemon juice can add some flavor to the room, it cannot eliminate the odors. Vinegar can also neutralize some of the odors. But the smell of vinegar also wears off quickly, bringing a fresh feeling to the room only for a while. Therefore, it is a daydream that these methods can solve the odor problem.


To begin with the treatment of the odor, it is essential to remove the existing garbage in the house and give the house a thorough cleaning. Ozone helps in two ways for the treatment of the air in a house, which are sterilization and odor removal. Ozone is capable of killing bacteria and mold quickly and eliminating the odors caused by them. When dealing with odors in a specific room, to make the best of the ozone gas, its condition and size should be considered. When an ozone generator is being used, ozone will be quickly dispersed into the air when it is created by the machine. Ozone molecules will quickly capture and neutralize the odor molecules present in the air to achieve the odor removal purpose. In contrast to ozone generators, when an air purifier is working, the air inside a room needs to be sucked into the machine before it can be cleaned.