30000mg/h Quartz Tube Ozone Air Purifier

Input Voltage; 110V/220V
Size: 48*20*28CM
Ozone production:30g/h
Service life:10000H


1.Powerful disinfectant effect: ozone concentration 30g/h and with 5.5m/s fan, it will quickly disinfection for larger space.like Hotel, office, bar, restaurant and so on.

2. Best Quality: Use new type quartz ozone tube as main parts and service life more than 10000h

3.Adjustable Power and Timer: accoding to your need, you can adjut ozone concentration and timer, suitable for different environment use

4. Ingenious design:With air duct and it can connect the ventilation duct, pass the ozone into the warehouse and the fresh-keeping room and other environments

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions23 × 45 × 23 cm

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