Quartz Tube Ozone Generator For Water


Used in home air and water purifier,air fresher, household disinfectant cabinet, oxygen bar, dehumidifier, refrigerator, domestic appliance and so on.

  • Input Voltage;110/220V/12V/24V
  • Size of transformer: 100*56*33mm
  • Size of glass tube: 147*55*56mm
  • Power:20w


Feeding in: dry air and oxygen best

Size of transformer: 100*56*33mm

Size of glass tube: 145mm*25mm

O3 output: 500g/hour,1g/hour(under air circumstance)

Input: AC: 220V, 110V



This kind of ozone generator can be used in air and water, It is more Durable than plate ozone generator, with long life time used in air.If it is used in water, you must match up with aerator stones for bubbles that fit tubing.

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