Ozone Generators for Food Safety

Benefits of Ozone Generators
for Food Safety

  • The National Organic Program and FDA have approved this product
  • The environment is protected
  • The germicidal power of chlorine is 3000 times greater
  • A final rinse is not required because there are no harmful residues
  • Immediately destroys pathogens
  • Shelf life that is longer
  • Energy efficiency and water conservation
  • Waste water disposal at a lower cost
  • Control of airborne microbes and odors
  • Removing the ethylene from ethylene

Advantages of Using Ozone Generator
for Disinfecting Water

There are various ways in which the utilization of ozone sterilization can benefit the clarity and purity of water. Ozone is commonly used to disinfect water for several reasons, including:

Ozone treatment significantly reduces bacteria and viruses in water because it has greater germicidal properties than chlorination.  In addition, ozone can be effectively used in a wide pH range, thus disinfecting almost every type of water. 

Does Ozone Generator Sterilize Beverages?

Ozone generators are commonly used for food sterilization, since the exothermic property of ozone can destroy the cell walls of bacteria and other microorganisms, killing or rendering them inactive thereby preserving and treating your food. Water is treated in the same way.

A water treatment system employing the use of ozone will eliminate the odor caused by certain metallic ions, destroy bacteria, fungi and protozoa, and remove any color from the water, making it pure, tasteless, and safe for human consumption. Using an ozone generator that produces this fantastic gas, you can sterilize and make microbiologically safe your baby’s feeding bottles, plates, spoons, and other household items!