Ozone Generator For Gym And Fitness Centers

What is an Ozone Air sterilizer?

Using an ozone generator, also known as an ozone machine or air purifier, is one of the most common ways to remove strong odors and purify the air. A simple process that happens naturally in the atmosphere is used to create ozone in these machines.

With today’s technology and knowledge, it is nearly impossible to store ozone for a long period of time since it is highly reactive. Due to this, high-tech machines must be used to generate it onsite.

An ozone air purifier essentially takes in oxygen from the air (O2) and gives it a strong electrical charge. O3 is formed by the rearrangement of oxygen molecules by this electrical charge. (Did you know that there is often a higher level of ground-level ozone after a lightning storm due to electrical charges?)

The machine then releases ozone into the atmosphere. Mold and smoke are examples of pollutants that the third oxygen molecule attaches itself to and effectively eliminates it.

Upon attaching to bacteria, fungus, germs, odors, and other contaminants, O3 destroys the cell wall at a molecular level. By converting oxygen back to ozone, the contaminant is eliminated.

By using ozone generators in this manner, it is possible to eliminate mold, eliminate pungent odors, and remove smoke smells. Hospitals, hotels, and even homes use these, but they can be hazardous if used improperly.

Ozone Generator for Gyms

There are many viruses, dangerous bacteria, and mold that are found in locker rooms, gyms, and exercise facilities. The members rarely clean the exercise equipment effectively during workouts, which especially poses a risk during times of pandemic. Additionally, it is difficult for these facilities to get rid of the odors that develop. Mold grows in an area that is saturated with moisture from showers, steam and saunas, as well as body odors from sweat. Cleaning staff cannot get to all surfaces and crevices, so bacteria and their odors will remain regardless of how hard they try.

Through the use of controlled ozone using an ozone generator, the Sweat odor, Body odor and odor of fouls inside the facility will be eliminated. This will eliminate the possibility of spreading respiratory infections between participants in the gym.

In this way, maintaining a clean gym environment is possible with Ozone Air treatment.

It prevents sweat from developing a dampening odor. In addition to this, it also effectively eliminates the foul smell that floats around the gym. Since no chemicals are used in the process, the process leaves no harmful residues. As ozone is effective against these microorganisms, it can be applied to areas prone to fungus and bacteria growth. The ozone generator we produce is among the best available. Products are manufactured according to client specifications.